Home-made Soup of the Day

Served with oven toasted home-made bread.

Chicken Wings

Served in Cajun sauce.


Home-made bread, topped with tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil & olives.

Arancini di Riso

Golden fried Italian Risotto stuffed with sliced mushrooms & Parmesan cheese served on a bed of warm tomato sauce.

Duck Confit Salad

Duck Confit tossed with baby gem leaves, rocket, mango, cranberries & soy ginger dressing.

Main Courses

Main Courses

Lamb Shank

Slowly braised served on creamy mash, sautéed baby carrots & fresh mint jus.

Chicken Supreme

Chicken supreme on spring onion cream potato mash, braised leeks & chorizo cream sauce.

Rib Eye Steak 12OZ on the bone (supplement €5)

Served with Pepper or Mushroom Sauce, Roast Plum Tomatoes & Chips.

Roast Turkey and Ham

Served with spring onion potato mash, steamed carrots & brussel sprouts in a red wine and cranberry jus.

Butternut Squash Risotto

Risotto tossed with butternut squash, pea, topped with Parmesan shavings & fresh rockets.


Fillet of pan fried Salmon, char grilled courgette in a beurre blanc sauce. Served with Italian roast potatoes.



Trio Dessert Plate

Christmas Pudding, Baileys Cheesecake & Champagne Sorbet.

Tea or Coffee